IOM Foundation

About the Foundation

The I OM Foundation applies the rigor of science to the ineffable practice of orgasmic meditation (OM).

Hundreds of individual stories hint at the possibility that OM is a transformative practice that heals maladies ranging from sexual dysfunction and trauma to depression, chronic fatigue, and autoimmune disease; scientific research will test these possibilities with objectivity and rigor, looking both at the outcomes of an OM practice and at the underlying biological mechanisms.

As a funder and executor of research, the I OM Foundation is committed to transparency, openness, rigor, and reproducibility. We commit to sharing the results of our research in a timely way, whatever these results may be. Whenever possible, we will work with and/or be advised by researchers of the highest caliber.

Research done properly can be slow and laborious; we look for innovative solutions that allow us to accelerate the pace of research through collaboration. We regularly seek research partners who share our values and want to work collaboratively and openly.